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ARC+ Wrimatic Writing Tablet System’s Versatility & Functionality Demo

Combination of ARC + Wrimatic Writing Tablet System’s versatility and functionality demonstrated at University Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia!

When Ferco UK and Eheim Germany decided to come together in 2008, none expected the success it would enjoy when the ARC family range was launched.

In just a short time of a little less than 2 years, the ARC range enjoyed success and acceptance from architects, designers and owners worldwide. The principal family trait of its transverse beam arrangement provides flexibility in seat choice and layout. Stadium seating areas designated as general admission can be transformed into season ticket areas by adding armrests, for instance. Another possibility is to upgrade to padded seats, with or without arm.

It is this flexibility that permits easy day-to-day reconfiguration for sporting events, and also allows for the commercialization of the stadium for additional revenue generation requirements.

Ferco’s creative R&D Manager Phil Khor saw a lot more potential to this highly versatile ARC family range. Questions were raised,” Given the ARC range’s flexibility? Can we further improve it’s functionality to work with our patented Wrimatic Writing Table System?” This made Phil think intensively on how to implement this concept where he started to put his R&D team to work and viola! The ARC range with the patented Wrimatic Writing Tablet System was born!

The design concept was tested intensively and with all things in place, Ferco’s marketing team immediately started to spread the news out to our worldwide network. The response was overwhelming when our client’s heard the news of a new seat model which can incorporate our Wrimatic Writing Tablet System and it wasn’t long before the ARC + Wrimatic Writing Tablet System was specified for jobs worldwide.

Ferco is very happy to inform our clients that in last quarter of 2009, the 1st ARC + Wrimatic Writing Tablet System were installed in the prestigious University Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia with more expected to come surely!

Click here to find out more about the ARC family range and here to find our more about the Wrimatic Writing Tablet System today!

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