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Front and Centre with Ferco Education Seating

At Ferco Seating we embrace the latest research and technology to create innovative solutions for our education clients.

When it comes to learning and teaching, traditional didactic transmission of information has become much less relevant in modern learning environments. Research shows that enabling students to create their own learning is far more inclusive and creates a more engaging learning experience.

What does this mean for lecture seating?

There is still a need on campus for large cohort spaces, but in order to support both didactic and active learning requirements within them, flexible seating has now become essential. This flexible seating accommodates student movement and allows an increase of space utilisation whilst also enabling campus services to obtain the best use from resources,

Helping large spaces act like small spaces

Ferco has a range of technically proficient seating that can be used by students to switch their attention between front-of-class and small-group teamwork without having to reposition any furniture. This allows learners to get the very best communication from, and interaction with, a range of pedagogical approaches just by swivelling their individual seat.

Whether all students are front facing as they listen to one academic, or have turned to work collaboratively in small groups throughout the space, their correctly positioned seat ensures that physical and non-verbal communication - which are so important in any educational environment - are not compromised by being sat at the wrong angle.

Built for individual comfort

All Ferco swivel seats have been designed so they provide ergonomic and postural support, incorporating a contoured back that focuses on supporting the lumbar region and promotes correct sitting posture, helping students to stay focused on their studies.

Each individual seat integrates a gas lift for height adjustment and smooth silent rotation between positions. When it's not being used, the seat automatically returns to the original position, keeping the space looking tidy and the throughway unobstructed for easy access and exit.

Ferco Seating - Education Seating Made Better

Writing credited to Duncan Peberdy @ The Sticky Campus / Digital Roadshow 

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