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Painting La Trobe University colourful

In hopes of making its school grounds more vibrant, La Trobe University in Melbourne tasked architectural firm, Lyons to create a building that would have a transformative effect on the architecture and identity of the campus.

With this in mind, Lyons drew inspiration from the world of biology and designed a colourful and distinctive six-story structure that features a chromosomal design. The cellular hexagonal windows that stretch across its front and rear façade make the La Trobe Institute of Molecular Science building a sight to behold.

La Trobe University’s efforts to transform the university’s aesthetic also extended to the lecture halls on campus. Here Ferco collaborated with the university to transform each of the lecture theatres into inspiring spaces, using auditorium chairs of different colours to special effect and creating attractive contrasts.

With such fun and creative learning spaces, it’s no wonder that La Trobe University is consistently ranked as one of Australia’s top universities.

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