The K1 chair has been designed to complement modern theatres and auditoria. Its clean lines, square shoulders and compact envelope ensures that it will enhance the look of most theatres. With wooden armrests as standard and is fitted with a wooden outer back and/or seat pan.

    The K1 comes with the option of a seat damper to reduce noise when the seat is tipping up to its closed position.

    The closed depth envelope means it will fit in most existing theatres while the variable angle, slim backrest provide the most space for legroom.

    The K1 backrest is a generous 965mm high. The chair can be upholstered in a huge range of fabrics, giving the opportunity to match the aesthetic aspirations of the theatre owner.

    Where wood is used, it can be varnished to work in harmony with any existing or proposed wooden finishes in the hall.


    • Contemporary design
    • Wooden finish
    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Ideal for narrow row spacing
    • High backed
    • Gravity tip-up seat
    K1 Dimensions
    K1 Datasheet (208.26 KB)