The Verona Lite Zero Wall offers all of the comfort, luxury aesthetic and options at the Verona and Verona Zero Wall but where maximisation of space is a priority it includes only a motorised backrest - negating the need for larger tread depths.

    The Verona Lite Zero Wall has a motorised backrest which enables it to fit into many existing premium areas, increasing comfort whilst maintaining occupancy levels.

    Available as a single or twin seat, or a link seat with a shared armrest.

    Customisation and additional features mirror that of the Premium Verona.

    Perfect for smaller cinema spaces. 


    • Luxurious aesthetic
    • Available as a twin seat option
    • No finger traps
    • Space saver
    • Auto return footrest 
    • Flammability BS 5852 2006
    Verona Lite Zero Wall Dimensions