Featuring a pod of contoured seats set around a unique curved desk, the Wave allows learners to seamlessly participate in tutor-to-student and student-to-student collaborative learning experiences through its innovative design.

    Based on the principles of office chairs, each ergonomic mesh-backed seat moves away from the writing surface and rotate independently on a high-strength steel arm - as well as auto-parking when unoccupied. 

    While the curvature of the desk creates a larger working surface (+300mm) than traditional configurations and ensures adequate room for maximum productivity.

    Ferco's expert designers recognise that the ability to collaborate has emerged as a critical skill for today's students.


    • Silent auto-return 
    • Supports active, project-based learning
    • Allows large single-use spaces to be transformed into versatile multiple-use spaces
    • Pod-based seating system promotes flexibility for study groups and meetings
    • Allows for maximisation of the physical space within a lecture theatre
    • Curved desk creates a larger than average working surface
    • Contoured seat backs provide lumbar support and promote correct seating position
    • Optimises student engagement and facilitates a wide range of teaching styles