The Swing Arm seating system was developed to support collaborative learning styles with its innovative 'swing away' seats. Students can rotate to form small work groups with others behind them.

    The system can be adapted to any layout by utilizing straight or curved rows, on flat, sloped or tiered floors. Larger desks can be provided as the system will fit on narrower tread depths than other systems.

    Each pair of seats has a 'swing away' pivot arm and an intermediate leg. The intelligently designed office style seats rotate to give a continuous line of sight of the lecturer and other students.

    The Swing Arm system is ideal for higher education and corporate learning environments, creating a business-like aesthetic. 


    • Torsion spring delivers consistent seat return position
    • Flexible features to optimise room functionality
    • Supports collaborative learning pedagogies
    • Silent auto-return
    • Ergonomic seats
    • Larger than standard desk space (+300mm)