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Premium Eva

Premium Eva
EVA in Biella 1205 & 1207
Premium Eva 2
Premium Eva 3
Premium Eva 4


Sophisticated yet simple with clean lines and minimalist design, the Eva was created with the purpose of providing a comfortable full-length lounger for cinemas.

The sleek shape and smooth textures of this lounger lend itself to front row spaces or luxurious screens.

The seat can be upholstered in fabric, faux leather or leather and is available as a single lounger, or a linked seat with a shared armrest. 

  • Sleek shape
  • Reclining position
  • Integrated cup holder


  • LED seat numbering
  • Embroidered seat numbering
  • Logo embroidery
  • Dual USB port
  • Smart swivel table with built-in cup holder


Eva Dimensions