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Premium Lux

Premium Lux
PVR Cinema
PVR Cinema
Premium Lux Recliner
Premium Lux Twin Recliner
Premium Lux Single
Premium Lux Single 2

The Lux is luxuriously spacious, providing the freedom to recline in your most comfortable position. The unique head and backrest design provide additional support and the seat has the option to include a motorised backrest or a fixed back, available in three different pitches.

Perfect for a new type of front row seating, the Lux is designed to make a statement. 

The seat can be upholstered in fabric, faux leather or leather and is available as a single recliner, a twin-seat or a linked seat with a shared armrest.

  • Tactile shape
  • Reclining position 
  • Integrated cup holder



Premium Lux Dimensions

Premium Lux Single Seat Dimensions

* Dimensions based on the standard model