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RailSeat 100

RailSeat 100
RailSeat 100
RailSeat 100
RailSeat 100
RailSeat 100
RailSeat 100

Ferco developed the RailSeat 100 with UK requirements in mind. It enables stadium operators to address the issue of persistent standing and get ready for future safe standing

It conforms to Green Guide specifications for ‘seats incorporating barriers’, on the use of which - including, subject to strict conditions being met, in stadia governed by the all-seater policy - the Sports Ground Safety Authority now provides comprehensive guidance.

The RailSeat 100 has a self-tipping, moulded seat and a unique 100mm closed depth, making it the slimmest such seat on the market. It leaves clearway space of at least 0.21 square metres (the Green Guide requirement for standing spectators), even on rows no more than 600mm deep. The seat is the strongest seat-base of any on the market and has the highest level of protection from vandalism and low levels of maintenance and replacement.

Where legislation permits, the 100mm closed depth also facilitates an increase in standing capacity on any seating row 800mm deep or more, as provided for by the Green Guide.

  • Slimmest closed depth on market
  • Highest level of protection from vandalism
  • Compliant with Green Guide load requirements
  • Robust seat and high back
  • Strong and continuous handrail
  • Conforms to UEFA / FIFA requirement
  • Increased capacity - safely
  • No finger-traps, no leg-traps
  • Modern aesthetic


  • Variable widths
  • Colour matched club colours
  • Floor or riser mounted
  • Seat numbering
  • Rear kick-plate
  • Seat dedication plaques


RailSeat 100 Dimensions

RailSeat 100 Dimensions

* Dimensions based on the standard model