Cinepolis Cinemas was the first movie exhibitor in Latin America and the third largest globally and is now expanding their reach in a brand-new location at Al Jamea Plaza, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. They have introduced entertaining and fun auditoria concepts including their luxury hall which features our Verona Zero Wall with Privata Privacy Panels, designed to lull you into full cinematic immersion and ultimate relaxation with added features that will complement and boost sales services for cinema operators.

A total of 126 sets of Premium Verona Zero Wall twin seats were installed across 5 of their luxury concept auditoria, along with 14 units of single seater recliners. Custom made to allude an air of ultimate luxury, the Privata Privacy Panels were added onto the built of the twin seats, not just for aesthetic value but to also provide some privacy and exclusiveness of space for couples. Reading lights are affixed onto the privacy panels to illuminate each private space for menu viewing, without distracting neighbouring guests. Service call buttons are also readily available with a press of a button; custom made onto each seat control panel, which also allows patrons to control the recline of their seats, adjusting it to their preferred resting position effortlessly.

The Verona Zero Wall twin seats also has a shared centre console with cup holders, paired with double action swivel tables on each seat for ease of food and beverage placing; encouraging guest to order their favourite drinks and snacks during the movie. This ultimately will boost concessions sales too! Special USB charging ports are also included into the seat, so patrons may charge their phones while it is off. For Cinepolis, these little extra seat features with additional custom embroidered logo, provides intangible services to guest whilst adding value on the operator’s brand. Cause we all know, it is not just about the movie, its all about the experience as well!

Designing functional, comfortable, and aesthetically good-looking recliners adds value towards cinema operators brand name as well as boost ticket sales with higher premium rate margin thanks to these value-added features. As cinema operators discover new ways and concept ideas to attract people back to the big screen, better quality seats are also in demand not just for the looks, but for its value-added features as well.