We’re passionate about the environment – and about providing world-class workplaces. All of our products are made in safe working environments that are eco-friendly as possible. And we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve our quality, environmental and safety management systems.

Our seating complies with all applicable legal, statutory, regulatory and occupational health and safety requirements, and carry a worldwide five-year manufacturer’s warranty. PSB Singapore have given us a license for being the first seating company to receive a Green Certificate. In addition, we have gained certified from Chain of Custody and are ISO 14001:2015 certified.

Our production management processes and environmental management systems incorporate the latest technology in terms of materials and construction methods. And they have been strictly regulated to achieve both maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

Quality of Product is paramount to us. And so is protecting the environment. We have stringent quality checks in place, from order to shipping. These have been designed with a full documentation trail, which means our customers can be free of concern from start to finish. We’re making sure our carbon footprint is as small as possible.


  1. Improve operational efficiency
  2. Minimize environmental impact
  3. Explore green and sustainable materials
  4. Redesign seat for sustainability
  5. Policy communication and review, inclusive key chemicals and risk policies
  6. Actively working on eliminating harmful chemicals throughout processes


  1. Increase effectiveness of Health & Safety management and performance
  2. Guarantee compliance with existing legislation
  3. Express care for employees
  4. Demonstrate to customers and external stakeholders that Health & Safety management is in place
  5. Transparency on Corporate Social Responsibilities


  1. Respect the law
  2. Honour internal policies
  3. Ensure legitimate business operations
  4. Keep every collaboration open and transparent
  5. Safety and fair dealing
  6. Respect towards consumer
  7. Anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices internally and externally
  8. Train employees on upholding and practicing Corporate Social Responsibilities values


Our products are made from recycled, recyclable and / or environmental friendly materials that have been proven to last longer and are more durable and sturdy in any conditions.


Carbon Footprint

With production facilities in different parts of the world, this allows us to adapt, share and transfer resources, development or manpower in order to reduce pollution through unnecessary transportations.  


Life Cycle

Through thoughtful design and manufacturing processes, we ensure that parts of the materials are renewable in any chance possible.



We are committed in ensuring optimization of our products at its end-of-life. Each product and its material is carefully thought and well-designed from the start till end-of-life in mind, with preference to reuse and recycle before going to landfill as the last resort.

Dismantle and Disposal Guide
We provide Dismantle and Disposal Guide for customers to reuse, recycle and dispose parts of the seats correctly.

Refurbishment Assistance
Our team of refurbishment experts provides professional consultation to extend useful life of the products and its parts. Our service goes beyond upholstery maintenance, foam replacement to relocation of fixtures.