It's common knowledge that today's young employees demand much more from their employers. The youth today are no longer interested in working the way their parents did, and it's no different when it comes to the office environment. Unlike workers of yesteryears, today's employees want to work in spaces that are fun, creative, and inspiring. Think Google or Facebook.

Periscopix, a performance marketing agency based in London, understood this need. Wanting to create an office with a 'wow' factor for both staff and visitors, an environmentally friendly space was created to improve productivity, attract new staff, and retain and engage current staff.

Thirdway Interiors designed the building's entrance to be inviting and engaging, using reclaimed timber, industrial pendant lights, and bespoke scaffold shelving.

Periscopix also wanted to ensure that their auditorium was as spectacular and stimulating as the rest of its building, so Ferco was asked to outfit the auditorium with a tiering platform and the Beaufort seat with ProBax technology in an array of bespoke colours.

The Beaufort chair, with its clean lines and simple design, was the ideal choice for a stylish, contemporary aesthetic, and having a small closed depth, it is especially suited for small spaces and tiers of 800mm depth without having to compromise on comfort or access.

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