Seating and its layout are among the most important aspects of the theatre experience, regardless of the function, size or location of the venue. Ticket pricing systems very much reflect this, with premium tickets generally offering the best views coupled with the most luxurious and comfortable theatre seats.

With over 30 years experience, Ferco Seating has a wealth of expertise in the design and installation of theatre seating solutions, providing seating of the finest measure. Our seating is built with the patron's comfort in mind – we use the latest technology to provide optimum seating compatible with most capacity requirements. Whether it is a theatre or any other type of auditorium, the type of seating and its layout will play an important role in attracting events, interest and revenue in your venue.

Bespoke Seating Solutions

A one stop solution for all your theatre seating requirements, Ferco offer a bespoke seating service with a range of customisable options such as personalised embroidery, cup holders, power points and more. Whatever the size or shape of your venue, Ferco can work with your organisation to help meet all your seating requirements, providing your patrons with the best quality seating as well as maximising capacity.

Outstanding Comfort

The comfort of theatre patrons is becoming increasingly important, high quality seating is paramount to this – we offer a range of luxury theatre seats, designed to provide the ultimate in terms of comfort, as well as offering longevity and impressive whole life costs.


Theatre Seating Projects

Ferco are delighted to have worked on the design and installation of a number of prestigious theatre projects right across the globe.

Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

Aptly known as Asia's leading entertainment venue, the Marina Bay Sands Theatre was designed to dazzle its guests. The theatre was designed in the traditional proscenium style, two levels offer a total capacity of 1677 seats with clear unobstructed views, the additional use of superior quality audio and visual equipment make this a spectacular theatre experience. Ferco designed the MBS seat for this impressive project.

La Perle at Al-Habtoor City – Dubai

The La Perle theatre in Dubai was a truly unique project - a 1300 seat theatre containing only 14 rows, guaranteeing each patron a spectacular view of the show, extremely close to the action. The theatre was fitted with Paragon 755 linked and single seats with a customised Habtoor Cupholder and integrated Probax technology.

Theatre Severn – Shrewsbury

Theatre evern officially opened in March 2009, it is situated on Frankwell Quay, a beautiful riverside location in Shrewsbury town centre. Demand for a new theatre venue became apparent in the town of Shrewsbury and construction began in 2006. The landmark venue offers a 650 person capacity – The Primera Pacific was the seat of choice – this supremely comfortable auditorium seat is low maintenance and allows maximum use of space due to its compact envelope form.

For further reading and information on our auditorium related projects see our auditorium project portfolio here.

Tiered Seating

Ferco are able to design and install bespoke tiering for any configuration, to meet a client's specific design. The installation work can be carried out on flat or sloped sub structure bases or attached to supporting steelwork and in the case of uneven floor conditions - adjustable feet on support legs are used.

We also provide provisions for air ventilation systems, access hatches and the inclusion of power and data points. All tiering steelwork conforms to British Standards and wood is responsibly sourced from certified suppliers.

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Our Theatre Seating Range

Our most popular ranges of auditorium seating offer a sleeker, more modern aesthetic without compromising on comfort.

Primera Series

Primera Arctic

Developed for Singapore's Universal Studios theme park, the Arctic is a grand seat reminiscent of Grand Cabaret and music halls with its domed backrest, it is however ergonomically designed and virtually maintenance free, providing all the modern comforts.

Primera Atlantic

Superb comfort is ensured with this seat, providing long lasting comfort and versatility beyond its compact size. It is ideally suited for refurbishments and new projects - the moulded foam cushions wrap around the support springs in an airtight cocoon preventing not only noise but corrosion as well.

Primera Beaufort

Offering clean lines and a simple design, the Beaufort is highly customisable with a wooden back, seat outers, arm rests and numerous embroidery options. It provides the perfect solution for stylish contemporary aesthetic which doesn't compromise on comfort.

Primera Caspian

A sophisticated contemporary auditorium chair with a commanding presence, the Caspian was designed for the Hanoi Convention Centre project. Finished in wood with plush padding, the Caspian is highly customisable, with options for various additional features.

Primera ISI

An elegant chair, the ISI is designed to enhance modern theatres and auditoriums, it is characterised by its clean lines and compact shoulders. Its compact envelope affords great capacity.

Primera MBS

The Primeira MBS was designed for renowned architects Moshe Safdie, it offers the ultimate wooden finish seat with a distinct modern design. The MBS is not only aesthetically luxurious, but also outstandingly comfortable.

Primera MOS

Offering outstanding comfort, the MOS was developed as a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing auditorium chair which is easy to install, maintain and configure. It is acoustically friendly with options for headrests and an integrated tablet.

Primera Pacific

The theatre seat of choice for superior comfort and durability – the Pacific is maintenance free and constructed from cold cure moulded foam which ensures long lasting comfort, polyurethane armrests are exceptionally hardwearing. The chair's support springs are wrapped in the moulded foam cushions to form an air tight cocoon, preventing noise and corrosion. The extensive backrest options ensure comfort and function are maximised, with its compact envelope form providing ease of access and egress.

Primera Riviera

Developed with supreme comfort and ergonomics as a key consideration, the Riviera is a luxurious executive style conference chair with a wide seat, high back and sumptuous padding – it is suitable for theatres and other types of commercial auditoriums.


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