Ferco is proud to partner with FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ to integrate their luxury cinema seats with this innovative technology, designed and engineered in Finland.

The first cinema seat ranges certified for FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ are now in mass production, with the very first installations to be unveiled later this year. Two models have been certified – Ferco Seating's Verona and the Milano.

The Verona is a fully reclining luxury cinema seat with options of a single or dual electric motors operating both the backrest and footrest and the Milano is a supremely comfortable cinema seat, with option for a reclining rocker-back mechanism.


Premium Verona with Flexound Augmented Audio

The demand for luxury cinema seating is rapidly increasing – right across the globe exhibitors are embracing premium cinema. Whether you are an independent boutique or a large multiplex, Ferco Seating can help you provide the ultimate cinematic experience with multiple options and innovative integrated technology.

Exhibitors can choose to add value to these premium seating products as the FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ complements all current sound systems. It combines high quality surround sound with physical vibration, creating a unique, immersive cinema experience.

'Our co-operation with Ferco Seating is the next step in our global cinema strategy as augmented audio defies all cultural barriers.' says Flexound CEO Mervi Heinaro.

Ferco CEO, Tim Barr responded 'Ferco wishes to remain at the cutting edge of seating design with our fingers on the pulse of innovation in the cinema industry. We constantly strive to offer exhibitors the best products to enhance their customers experience and to keep coming back for more and Flexound fitted in with that ethos.'

FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ adds the sensation of touch to audio-visual listening. The technology offers equal sound quality in each seat regardless of its location in the auditorium. It improves the clarity of dialogue and enables lower sound volumes in the theatre, as less subwoofer is needed. Augmented audio requires no wearable accessories.

Korea boasts Asia's first Ferco and Flexound Augmented Audio™ cinema at the CJ 4DPLEX Gold Class Wangsimni complex, with the technology in every seat.

Ferco have provided seating for some of the biggest names in cinema – Odeon, Regal, Cineworld, VOX, Empire, Golden Screens and PVR.

Seating Made Better.

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