Not all cinema seats have to be boxy and boring. Ferco's newest product line, featured at Westfield Southland's Village Cinema in Australia, is anything but. These fun and colourful chairs are a key element of the cinema's Vjunior hall - Australia's first movie theatre designed for kids, by kids.

The child-friendly theatre comes complete with fun activities, a Hot Wheels toy car track, and a massive slide - so of course, the normal plain, old, boring cinema seats wouldn't do. Instead, the little designers were enamoured by Ferco's newest chairs: the Aladdin and the Nemo. The seats, specially created with children in mind, offers two exciting ways of experiencing the movies.

The Aladdin, a fire-red lounge chair, is a seat so relaxing, you may even fall asleep mid-movie, and its reclined posture makes it an ideal front-row seat. The bright yellow Nemo, on the other hand, is beanbag heaven: all the comfort of a beanbag, but with enough structure so your back doesn't tire out. With seats as cool and comfy as these, it's no surprise that the kids at Vjunior love them!

Watch video on what kids think about the kids seat click here

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