When it came to outfitting their brand new cinema at the new Singapore Post Centre mall, Ferco's innovative seating systems were Golden Village's go-to choice. This is because Ferco's seat technology has become a vital part of Golden Village's well-loved cinema experience. Having installed Ferco seats with Probax technology in their other existing cinemas to rave reviews, the team at Golden Village knew that this was something they needed to replicate in their new cinema projects.

A seat with Probax technology enhances the viewing experience for moviegoers by improving posture and reducing the degree of constriction in blood vessels. This means that your guests will experience reduced backaches, decreased muscle fatigue, and improved blood and oxygen flow. And as a bonus, the chair's posture minimises fidgeting, which means less disruption for others in the audience.

But while the team at Golden Village knew they wanted a seat with Probax technology, This made our Premium Max the perfect option for their new cinema. Outfitted with Probax technology, the Premium Max boasts a wider backrest and seat, adding to its luxurious aesthetics.