As the largest digital and hybrid planetarium in the Gulf region, the designers of the Sarjah Centre for Astronomy and Space Science have taken every measure to deliver a stunning stargazing experience to their audiences. From digital and optical projection and show projection, to theatre and dome screen design, every part of the planetarium has been carefully designed to recreate the experience of stargazing outdoors under a night sky.

For the designers of the planetarium, audience comfort was also a critical ingredient in the immersive experience; because stargazers sit for long periods, the more comfortable they feel, the less there is to distract from the viewing experience. To maintain the illusion of stargazing outdoors under the night sky, we fitted the centre with customised seats from our Paragon range: the Paragon 755NB with wooden armrests. Designed with the Probax technology, these seats offer a more ergonomic structure for optimum comfort, leading to less fidgeting and higher levels of concentration for a truly memorable stargazing experience.

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