Comfort and Ergonomics

Patrons will be seated for long periods of time and discomfort is one of the top complaints for theatre and cinema goers. We design the seat's ergonomics using pressure mapping technology to ensure optimal pressure distribution and highest level of comfort and support.

For those rows very close to the screen with tight sightlines, we have designed loungers which allow patrons to relax in comfort with the perfect view of the screen.


We appreciate that value for money and life cycle costing is a key consideration. Our seating is very competitively priced throughout our different collections.

Check to ensure that site visits, samples, warranties, delivery and installation (if required) have been costed for.

Safety, hygiene and cleanliness

With hygiene and cleanliness a priority given recent events, consideration can be given to antibacterial upholstery like wipe clean faux leathers.

Seats should have enclosed pivot blocks to negate any finger traps and we always recommend that you use a CRIB 5 (BS 5852) fabric. Additionally, the cinema layout should conform to certain guidelines for fire escape and egress.

Our seating design plans and layouts are free and use Technical Standards to ensure compliance with recommended guidelines.

Safety features for recliners include finger guards and footrest sensors.

Customisation & Accessories

Your brand is unique and our wide range of seating is designed to be customised to enhance your particular offering.

A variety of personalisation is available from wooden reveals, sponsor plates, embroidered logos and cup-holders to the world's strongest integrated writing tablet which is load tested to 240kg; ideal for hybrid performance / lecture auditoria.

Inclusivity is important and we offer chairs with ambient DDA aisle access in addition to removable seating. From privacy screens to embroidered logos and in-seat charging to a selection of concession tables to suit your food and beverage offering.

Our recliners have many of options including a gas lift for easy and thorough cleaning, wifi-enabled seat control, self-diagnostic system and integrated POS ordering. Upholstery completes the desired aesthetic - from leather to low maintenance leatherette, boutique velvet and 100% vegan friendly fabric finishes.

You don't have to start from scratch to design your perfect seating, but if you're looking for something truly bespoke, we can do that too.


An important investment, cinema seats should last at least 20 years and our commitment doesn't end at installation of your seats. Our products are thoroughly tested, carry a manufacturer's warranty and we accompany you from sample and site survey to installation videos, spare parts and servicing.


Ferco's aim is that our seating is 100% sustainable by 2030. We utilise responsibly sourced materials and a range of upholstery including vegan-friendly plant-based fabric. Existing cinema seats are either recycled in accordance with waste laws - or why not donate them to community projects?

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