Ferco's education seating collection offers a wide range of chairs to fit every variation of room within a venue – and we're constantly developing new technologies and products to meet the requirements of modern-day universities.

When working with seating, the comfort of students is important but arguably of more importance is the desk or table which allows the taking of notes throughout the lecture. For this reason, one of our most effective and popular product lines, which has been installed in higher-education establishments around the world, is the Ferco Wrimatic Tablet.

Developed in 1996, the Wrimatic Tablet was conceived to meet the needs of our clients who were frustrated by the inadequacies of writing desks on the market at that time. As the direct result of listening to both students' and Facility Managers' requirements a writing tablet that was large, robust and reliable was designed to be held within some of Ferco's most popular lecture theatre seats.

Since then the Wrimatic Tablet has proved immensely popular with more than 150,000 units having been installed in some of the most prestigious venues in the world - from Stanford University in California to Cambridge University, and the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.


The Wrimatic's unique design employs a triangular prismoid swivel joint which permits the stowing or unstowing of the tablet in one single continuous fluid movement. Many writing tablets have weak hinges caused by shortcomings in design and, as a result, the tablets have to be small in order to minimise the stresses in their joints.

By employing aeronautical technology the Wrimatic is the ultimate tablet in size, function and strength. Opening to a large A3 size surface means the Wrimatic is large enough for full size ring binders, course notes and laptops. Additionally, the load capacity of the table has been tested up to 240kg so there's no danger of breakage.


The Ferco Wrimatic Tablet is an award winning design and has been acknowledged as one of the world's leading integrated writing tablets. We're proud to have incorporated the Wrimatic into our lecture theatre seating, including the ARC, FT10 and Riviera seats and to have observed the advantages provided to students when the surface they write on is spacious and secure.

As an additional bonus for Estates Managers, by including the Wrimatic within our robust auditoria seating lecture spaces can double up as conference / seminar rooms and provide an opportunity for additional revenue generation.