Students are now enjoying the new and vastly improved lecture facilities in the Clattern Lecture Theatre at Kingston University. Working alongside specialist designers and stakeholders to enhance the learning system, Ferco fitted the lecture hall with its specialist Turn and Learn™ collaborative learning seating. Kingston University students and staff describe the transformation as 'amazing' and 'fantastic'. 

Student Union Vice-President of Learning and Teaching, Noor Khan, described the feedback from students as 'amazing' and said the refurbishment had been a success. 'It's great to see what has been done as a result of student feedback. If this is the sort of quality we can expect from future refurbishments then students will be incredibly pleased.

Kingston University is rated among the top 15% universities globally and their commitment to deliver outstanding educational quality and attract the brightest talent is reflected in the investments made by their estates department.

Turn and Learn™ works by enabling every other row of seats to pivot 360 degrees so that students can engage in teamwork and interactive learning with their peers without leaving their seat. Collaborative learning pedagogies encourage interactive and exploratory learning, and working together in groups enhances student achievement, satisfaction, and wellbeing. 

Kingston's brief for comfortable, low maintenance, and durable chairs with fixed writing ledges was perfectly complemented by the Ferco ARC, which also comes designed with lumbar support for correct ergonomics and posture.

The ARC's pivot mechanism contains an integrated gas lift for smooth and silent rotation, and the seat tips up automatically, returning to the forward position when vacated, thereby ensuring that seat-way requirements for egress are met. 

The teaching staff are equally delighted. Associate Professor in the School of Pharmacy and Chemistry, Dr. Reem Kayyali, has already taught her students in the new space. She describes the experience as 'fantastic' and says that the new layout helps her engage with every student one-on-one. 'The space is really well laid out and it means I can walk around among the students and hear what each one has to say. It used to be only those in the front row you could really engage with. The layout means the students are also able to help each other in break-out groups.