Since 1964, the Shinjuki culinary school has trained student chefs and around 500 students per year come to this school to learn advanced cooking skills.

Over the past few years, the school has been renovating the school building to provide the ultimate learning experience that satisfies students' needs of acquiring cooking knowledge and skills.

Before the renovation, long desks with chairs were used in this room. The most extended desk has nine chairs, making it difficult to get through to the middle seats when aisle seats are occupied.

Desks are not installed in the new room because the new chairs have an integrated retractable writing tablet. This A3 size writing tablet gives writing stability sufficiently and is load tested to 240kg making it the most robust tablet on the market. It can be stowed in the armrest when not in use, allowing students to concentrate on the lecture instead of taking notes.


In collaboration with Kotobuki Seating's product, an optimal learning environment was created. With Kotobuki's new chair having only one leg solved this problem. This chair was designed for a 'lecture theater' and was installed in a tiered-style classroom giving a good view to the students while a professor demonstrates cooking.

The one-legged chair can be installed quickly in curved arrangement and is applicable on various layouts. The simple design provides room around the user's foot, allowing users to place their feet to their comfort as they sit.

The seats' original mechanism suits tight spaces. The seat moves according to the person's motion leading to another level of comfort. The seat moves against the backrest, so the person sitting can easily stand up and make room for anyone passing through, maximizing the space.

Seat comfortability has significantly improved by using a cushion on the seat and backrest and upholstering it with a very soft synthetic leather. We use a maintenance-friendly vinyl fabric, easy to clean from dirt or stains should there be food spills during food tastings.

The back panel's fine shape provides lumbar support, and the natural wood used on the back panel adds cosiness and a welcoming atmosphere together with the interior decoration.