See the catalogue come to life at our new showroom in Shah Alam, Malaysia.

Launched on 7th April, 2017, Ferco's freshly updated exhibition space is triple the size of our old showroom and displays every single Ferco product in its full glory, from our auditorium and education seating to our cinema and sports seating.

Created by our consultant designer, Jordi Valverde, the showroom was designed to be the "Apple store" of seating and features a contemporary industrial look. Jordi had the idea to unify the research, development, and innovation division with our commercial area, resulting in a great interactive area that connects spaces.

Here, you'll get the opportunity to see, touch, and experience our chairs in person and you'll come to understand why Ferco seating systems are found in major cinemas, educational halls, auditoriums, and sports arenas worldwide.

A visit to our showroom is not just a trip to see the seats. Join us on a complete tour of our engineering division, testing labs, sample section, all the way to production. Don't forget to make a trip upstairs to our built-in cinema, where you can kick back and relax on our luxurious recliners designed for the movies.

To help you come to a more informed decision, Ferco can even conduct workshops with your architects and consultants to explore the different materials and fabric options that meet your budget and practical needs. Additionally, our new showroom now features seating options from our group partners, Kotobuki Seating and Quinette Gallay, so you'll definitely find a solution to your public seating needs here.

Come visit us

Come in, experience the seats first-hand, and let us give you the Ferco experience. Email us at marketing@fercoseating.com or call us at +603 5191 3233 to make an appointment.