The perfect seat for sports stadia where all seated capacity is required but where standing is permitted under alternate jurisdictions. All enthusiastic spectators agree that standing enhances the experience of cheering and singing in support of their teams. The RailSeat is the ultimate crush barrier, providing unrivalled protection for all fans, completely spanning the entire length of every row. It exceeds the requirements of every known code by a factor in excess of 2, while providing the facility of a seat simply by turning a tamper proof key in each unit.

  • Complies with the requirement to have an all seater stadium or arena
  • Provides a seat way in excess of code requirements
  • As a barrier for standing spectators, it greatly exceeds code requirements
  • Virtually unbreakable, no spares required
  • Verbal support from standing fans motivates everyone in the stadium

Features & Options

Sturdy rail for safe standing Tamperproof key or self opening latch Seat numbers Intermediate steps