Installing a new stadium seating system into any type of arena is a major operation involving careful thought and planning, with safety and a positive spectator experience paramount to any design and installation.

Product Longevity

Buy once, buy right – stadium seating must be durable; the effects of prolonged use and weather erosion can take their toll, especially so for outdoor stadiums which are exposed to the elements. Harsh sunlight, lasting rain, snow, wind and fatigue can all leave inferior quality seats prone to damage. Superior quality sports stadium seats, both plastic and upholstered are designed to withstand heavy use.

Ferco Seating's Sports Seating range provides reduced whole life costs with time and maintenance costs considerably reduced – the superior quality of our products means they do not require fixing or refitting as frequently.

This virtual tour of our Malaysian showroom provides an insight into Ferco's manufacturing and testing process:

The Ferco Sports Seating Range

Crowd participation is an integral part of the spectator experience creating the all-important positive stadium atmosphere. In order to achieve this, the audience must have a visual and audible connection with the event. Seating must provide spectators with an unobstructed view of the performance and all seats should also be comfortable with easy access to nearby exits and other facilities.

All of our seating complies with all applicable legal, statutory, regulatory and occupational health and safety requirements as well as a worldwide five-year manufacturer's warranty. The Ferco sports seating range is tested vigorously to meet British and European standards and has an impressive attrition rate of less than 0.05%. Our seats are tested for UV resistance, fire resistance, strength and durability – they are tough, durable and aesthetically pleasing, engineered for consistent use.

Ensuring Safety in Sports Stadiums

Strict safety regulations with the purpose of protecting stadium spectators and staff alike, contribute towards the overall spectator experience, assuring stadium occupants of their safety and well-being during performances.

The ground management team is responsible for ensuring standards of quality control are met and stringent regulations are adhered to regarding the following:

  • Capacity and ease of entry and exit access
  • The physical condition of the seats
  • Sightlines as well as abiding by
  • Fire safety regulations
  • Legislation regarding people with disabilities
  • Health and safety at work

An International Service

Ferco Seating offers a broad range of stadium seating with customisable options such as personalised embroidery or seat heaters, from VIP seating providing luxurious comfort, to general admission seats. With clients in over 60 countries, we have designed, manufactured and installed sports seating all over the world into some of the most well-known venues, and are fully equipped to deliver any seating requirement, regardless of the location.

Quality Guarantee

We offer a complete in house service, from the design to the moulding, welding, upholstery, galvanising, painting and fitting. This eliminates the need for outsourcing, and provides us with control over every aspect of the production to ensure that quality is of the highest possible standard for every part of each product. All of our products are externally accredited to ISO9001, this standard of quality management measures the process of how our products are produced across all areas of the business including:

  • Facilities
  • People
  • Training
  • Services
  • Equipment

Environmental Protection

Ferco cares not only about its products but also about the environment – we are ISO14001 accredited, our organisation complies with all environmental requirements, endeavours to minimise any possible negative impacts and continually improve our environmental performance.

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