The perfect indoor riding environment...

Indoor riding arenas are built with the emphasis on creating light, airy and modern environments for both horse and rider. Ferco Seating works with equine establishments to create spectacular spectating and judging areas as precise as the steps in a dressage competition.

There are many benefits to having an indoor arena – you are not affected by the weather conditions enabling riders to continue to train and compete horses throughout the year. An indoor arena provides a quieter, more relaxed and private atmosphere for the horses.


Ferco creates bespoke viewing galleries

Packages may include an offsite manufactured tiering system; perfectly engineered for your space, heated seats, data and power sources, judging booths, judging desks and options for finishes and flooring. 

Support the people who support you and your riders by adding luxurious comfortable seating arrangements to your indoor riding arena. For stable owners willing to invest a little more into their arena, building a tiered observation booth gives spectators a better view of events. 


Ferco is able to offer a range of leather and faux fabrics suitable for arena use to upholster seats from the stadium seating range.

The photos are from a recently installed bespoke tiering and seating installation in a prestigious Equestrian Centre in the South of England.

VIP Seating Areas 

The client chose the Riviera - our executive class luxury sports seating for VIP areas.

Designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding guests, the Riviera is stylish with sumptuous padding and a wide seat with a high backrest - and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Developed with ergonomics and comfort in mind, the Riviera seat has been chosen by leading football Premiership clubs for their Director and VIP areas in a variety of sporting arenas.

This luxurious seat enhances the spectator experience with fully customisable options including cup holders, personal or sponsorship embroidery and integrated seat heaters.

Each model is robust, comfortable and purpose designed for stadium use and, along with our exceptional quality we offer the standard 5 year Ferco guarantee.

Our products are virtually maintenance free and as such have been used at a host of leading sporting venues worldwide.