The M5 is available in high strength polypropylene, polypropylene with upholstered pads or in a wood veneer. The legs on the M5 provide a very stable base and ensure that the backrest does not rub against walls behind the seat.

    Italian in design, the seating system incorporates comfort, ergonomics, strength and durability into a simple plastic, wood or upholstered chair. The design is based on a rigid undercarriage which fully supports the seat and back when the chair is used.

    The MA5 Writing Tablet is a strong and durable option to enhance the seat further. The undercarriage which connects to the legs is able to adapt in functionality to be used in classrooms, churches, waiting rooms, canteens and lecture halls.

    • Durable
    • Easy maintenance
    • Modular
    • Stackable
    M5 Dimensions
    M5 Datasheet (240.73 KB)