Adapted for use in the most premium of indoor VIP & Executive boxes, the prestigious Verona recliner provides luxurious comfort and a number of smart features.

    The backrest of the Verona Zero Wall reclines into the space vacated by the seat moving forward, requiring less space than traditional recliners. Powered by a single motor, the Verona features a back and footrest auto-return function as the seat is vacated.

    The Verona Zero Wall can be customised with USB charging ports, call button systems, embroidery and seat numbering and has an Easy-Lift system for cleaning underneath the seats.

    • Luxurious aesthetic
    • Space saving features
    • Fast and smooth operation, only require 8 seconds to fully recline the backrest 
    • Available as a twin seat option
    • No finger traps
    • Auto-return footrest 
    Verona Zero Wall (Sports) Dimensions