Located on Aberystwyth University's Penglais Campus with views along the coastline of Cardigan Bay, the Aberystwyth Arts Centre is Wales' largest arts centre and is recognised as a national flagship.

The award-winning enterprise has a wide-ranging artistic programme and houses a theatre, concert hall, studio and cinema, as well as gallery space, cafes, bars and shops.

Originally opening as a concert hall in 1970, the building expanded in 1972 to house the theatre - Theatr y Werin - which translates as 'theatre of the people'.

The theatre has 311 seats and showcases both professional and community productions. The programme includes a range of theatre, dance, opera, comedy, musicals and family events, with a family show at Christmas, and a traditional pantomime.

The team in charge of the most recent renovation at the theatre chose Ferco's market-leading Primera Beaufort.


Designed to complement modern theatres and auditorium, the Beaufort has clean lines and a contemporary aesthetic.

Theatr y Werin took advantage of its customisable features and chose a wooden back with reveal, matching wooden aisle ends and wooden armrests teamed with a plush red velour fabric.