Ferco Seating Systems share several key business components with our latest client CLC World Resorts & Hotels.  Just one year after Ferco Seating was incorporated in 1983, CLC opened their first resort development on the Costa del Sol. From that point, CLC has developed a portfolio of fabulous accommodation in some of the world's most desirable destinations, whilst Ferco has provided innovative seating solutions to some of the world's most ambitious architectural projects.

Professionally designed spaces 

By planning, designing and building their own flagship resorts, CLC provides professionally designed living spaces with first class facilities. They pride themselves in constantly engaging with their members in order to improve and evolve, allowing them to offer stylish and luxurious accommodation tailored to people's desires.

Here at Ferco, we take a similar approach to our seating designs. By liaising with our clients at every stage of a project and offering a range of fabric and accessory options we can provide a truly unique tailored experience for every installation.

It was fitting therefore that when CLC needed seating for the new screening room in their Gloucester offices they trusted Ferco to deliver a premium seat to match their own aspirational product.

Fixed seat manufacturing experts

The requirement for a viewing area where their members are taken on an inspirational journey for their next vacation meant our Premium Glide seat was the natural choice for CLC. Offering total comfort and relaxation for cinema viewing, the Glide is the luxury seat of choice for many of our VIP auditorium clients.

CLC provided specifications requiring the Glide to be static, feature a stitched logo and have a tiered floor system for optimal viewing position. With Ferco having our own in-house designers, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities across the globe and team of experienced installers we were able to easily accommodate these requirements and ensure that CLC, much like their own holiday customers, received everything that they desired.