Located at Banten, Jakarta, the Gereja Basilea also known as Christ Cathedral  was designed by KITA Arsitek (Architect Indonesia) and is one of the biggest churches in Indonesia. The cathedral is a contemporary Christian church that is part of the Gereja Bethel Indonesia (GBI) denomination that was founded in 2008.

The Gereja Basilea Indonesia was completed in 2012, but in the year 2020 an unfortunate fire incident destroyed the entire auditorium and it had to be re-built. The heart for the house - Hagai Project was established by the congregation as a restoration project, with the means to raise funds to rebuild the church. Through hard work and dedication, and with the help from other public donations, the project was finally completed and reopened in the year 2022.

The new auditorium was installed with 2,537 units of the Pacific auditorium seat model. Designed to be compact yet providing levels of comfort far beyond its size, it is a fully upholstered gravity tip-up seat with an ergonomic backrest for superior lumbar support. 

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