The Otfried-von-Weißenburg-Theater is the auditorium of the Otfried-von-Weißenburg-Gymnasium in Rhineland-Palatinate Dahn.

Various theatrical performances have been taking place here since 1998, greatly expanding the city's cultural offerings.

The Otfried-von-Weißenburg-Gymnasium is named after the first known Old High German poet. Otfrid von Weissenburg lived from about 790 to 875 and is considered a progenitor of German literature for linguists.

The Theatre desired a simple aesthetic to complement the clean lines of the auditorium. The ARC One is a two-piece tip-up padded seat. The upholstery is embedded within the polypropylene shells of the seat and back, providing protection for the padding and comfort for the user.

Standard armrests and acoustic panels were added to complete this neat installation.