Designing and installing bespoke projects is something we specialise in here at Ferco Seating.  With every product produced specifically for that client there are numerous options that can be added or removed. It doesn't end with the chair though; Sometimes the venue itself requires the team to adapt their installation accordingly and this was the case in our latest completed project - Dagmar Kino in Copenhagen.

As part of the Nordisk Film group, Dagmar Kino is one of twenty venues in Denmark's largest cinema chain. With close to six million guests passing through the group's doors each year, Nordisk Film ensure a premium experience with the best equipment and standards.

Their choice to upgrade to Ferco's Paragon 755 - one of our most comfortable cinema seats - reflects this commitment to their customers. Featuring a wide backrest, heavy-sprung seat, and silent tip-up mechanism the Paragon 755 is one of our most popular choices for cinema audiences. In addition, for this project we added bespoke chair arms, a full rocker-back and a larger than normal cup holder to meet the requirements of the Danish market.

The real challenge in the Dagmar Kino installation however lay in the dimensions of the existing cinema room. The sloped floor was also curved in non-concentric circles which had major implications for fitting seating in rows. The Ferco design & installations team was up to the task though and a combination of frame adjustments and welding saw the job completed to our normal high standards.

With the Dagmar Kino now back in operation, and Danish fans enjoying the latest films, we're proud to be able to live up to our promise of having a seating solution for any venue.