Emperor UA Cinema is a joint enterprise between Hong Kong Emperor Motion Pictures and Hong Kong UA Cinemas.

Emperor UA Cinemas are state-of-the-art cinemas offering the highest quality cinema experience for its audiences. From luxury cinema design to exceptional customer service, Emperor UA Cinemas provide an impressive visual, audio and sensory experience.

The chain has recently opened sites in Foshan, Zhuhai, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu on mainland China.

The 7th premium Emperor UA Cinema was opened in Ufun Shopping Mall, Chengdu. The complex covers an area of over 5,500m². The eight-screen multiplex has seven luxury auditoriums and a VIP screening room with a total of 1,221 seats. All of the auditoriums are equipped with laser projectors, to provide the best visual and audio quality and comfortable leather seating.

Ferco Seating worked with the Emperor UA group to manufacture cinema seating for both the luxury auditoriums and the VIP Screening Room.

The most popular seat in the Paragon range; the 755 was chosen for seating in seven screens.

Chosen for its pleasing aesthetic and comfortable seating position, the 755 seats were upholstered in leather in a range of colours, with seat numbers embroidered into the backrest.


The larger screens installed Paragon 755 twin seats on their back rows.

The VIP Screening Room boasts 26 Verona Zero Wall electric recliners. An electric recliner specifically designed for theatres where capacity and comfort are equally important, the backrest of the Verona 'Zero Wall' reclines into the space vacated by the seat moving forward.

The auditorium has both twin seats with a retractable armrest and single seat recliners, all upholstered in leather.


The seats are further customised with integrated swivel tables for concessions and an in-seat call button system. Patrons are also provided with a blanket on each seat.

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