Golden Village Cinemas have opened their newest tech-empowered multiplex in the Funan Mall, their 14th in Singapore.

GV Funan wanted to create a comfortable and intimate movie-going experience for their guests. The complex has seven screens and a total of 431 seats.

The Paragon 760 seat with ProBax were installed in all general admissions seating areas.

ProBax is an innovative foam-based seating technology, delivering ground breaking benefits by enabling users to maintain ideal posture whilst seated, ensuring optimum comfort and well-being. 

GV's Gemini screens have installed Premium Milano twin seats with a fixed backrest and feature extra legroom. These seats feature a retractable central armrest and an integrated cup holder in the outer armrest.

They have introduced two new seating concepts: Deluxe Plus and the Gold Class Express.

A Deluxe Plus hall has Ferco's Milano twin seats with a retractable armrest installed, another hall offers only single Milano seats. All of the Deluxe Plus seats have ProBax for increased support, a reclining backrest for extra comfort and individual USB charging ports.

The Gold Class Express hall features 32 plush electronic reclining single Verona Zero Wall's. These seats are designed for cinemas where capacity and comfort are equally important, the backrest of these seats reclines into the space vacated by the seat moving forward.

These seats have motorized backrests and a semi-recline footrest which stops at a 45 degree pitch. This means that a luxurious seats experience can be accommodated, even where tread depths aren't generous.

The Verona's are finished in faux leather, with individual USB ports and a wooden drinks stand on each armrest.

CEO of Golden Village Multiplex, Clara Cheo said, “The new Deluxe Plus and Gold Class Express theatres at GV Funan recognise the demand for a premium yet affordable cinema experience, while offering more comfort and enhanced intimacy.”

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Featured Image Credit: Golden Village