The Aurum Theatre is Golden Screen's Cinemas' flagship ultra-luxurious boutique cinema in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Named after the Latin word for gold, the Aurum Theatre offers guests prestige and exclusivity.

The complex offers opulent halls with top-of-the-range luxury reclining seats, private booths, bespoke service and contemporary dining options.

Ferco worked with GSC to install seats into their 'Comfort Cabin' screens, which are exclusive to the Garden Mall cinema.

The luxury electric reclining Verona was paired with an enclosure panel. With a reclining back, motorised lumbar support and footrest, the Verona is a sumptuously upholstered comfortable seat. The twin Verona's has a retractable central armrest and the cinema also provides blankets to all guests for extra comfort.


GSC chose additional optional features including, double-action swivel concessions tables, personal lamps, wireless and USB charging ports and a handy soft-close storage drawer to stow bags during the movie.

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