Cinema Sunshine is a Japanese cinema chain with 116 cinema screens and 18,958 seats at 14 sites around the country. In 1985, the opening of its flagship cinema complex in Tokyo's Ikebukuro district marked the beginning of Cinema Sunshine's expansion throughout Japan. Under the “Community-based Cinema” concept, it aims to create entertainment spaces to boost the development of surrounding areas and to improve cinematic culture.

The cinema shows both Japanese and international films, in dubbed and subtitled versions. Anime movies are also popular.

The Grand Cinema Sunshine, comprises of 12 screens which opened on July 19. The cinema has 2,443 seats, all-RGB laser projection. Auditorium 5 and 6 feature a premium experience, named BESTIA, for its delivery of the BEST Immersive Audiovisual. Two DTS:X immersive sound systems from GDC are also installed in the BESTIA auditoriums. The complex also features Japan's first 4DX with ScreenX technology in Auditorium 4.

Ferco collaborated with the exhibitor to create three additional seating options.

66 Premium Eva loungers were installed across several screens. Sophisticated but simple with clean lines and minimal design, the Eva provides a comfortable full-length lounger. Perfect for largely redundant real estate of the front row of the screens as the pitch of the backrest is ideal for an easy view of the screen.


To create a VIP seating area at the back of the largest auditorium, 18 Premium Verona were installed. These seats have a dual motor and motorised back and footrest. These seats were further customised with wireless charging slots and dual USB charging ports.


Rows of Premium Opus Glides were also added. The Opus Glide offers an ergonomic reclining solution. The back and headrest are made from generous super-soft foam and fibres, creating a superior seating position.

The Glide's innovative sliding design responds to your movements to glide effortlessly into the most comfortable position, under your own body weight whilst maintaining lumbar support - without the need for a motor. The Opus seats included an integrated swivel table for concessions.


To create a consistent aesthetic, the client chose the option of bespoke diamond-shaped stitching on the seat backs of the Verona and the Opus seats.

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