The Golden Screen Cinemas multiplex is currently the biggest in Johor Bahru and the second largest in Malaysia.

Showing the latest international and local screenings, it boasts 18 halls equipped with plush seating, multi-dimensional Dolby Atmos® audio surround technology, 4DX and private screening rooms.

Ferco installed over 1,100 of seats including the Premium Opus, Premium Opus Plus and Premium Opus Zero Wall in addition to D-Box Compact VIP. 

The IMAX hall is fitted with the Premium Opus Plus seat with integrated cup holder.  The Skybox Hall boasts the Opus Zero Wall motorised recliner with bespoke diamond stitching to the back rest and seat; designed to give operators a first class cinematic experience offering for their discerning patrons.

The Premium Opus collection offers a choice of electric recliner and non-motorized seats including glide and rocker back seats. Stitching and accessories are highly customizable to reflect operator branding.The Premium Opus has bespoke diamond stitching to the back rest and seat.

In the family halls, GSC specified the Twin Sofa, Family Sofa and Aladdin children's seat - all upholstered in leatherettte.


Family screening rooms are designed with younger children in mind - not only can they enjoy a film with their parents but play and movement are actively encouraged as Golden Screen provide ball pits and play equipment.

Ferco's family seating collection is also designed to help families relax and spend quality time together. Comfortable seating is designed in family pods - welcoming, eye catching and laid back in style.