Golden Screen Cinemas, where movies come to life!

Designed by architect Majubina the Pavilion interior is recognised as an innovative architectural design.

The design of the triple volume height concourse and spiral floor pattern starts the cinematic experience for the visitor. The designer has integrated movie iconography (e.g. film reels and film strips) into the lighting installation and signage in the foyers and cinema halls. The result is an emphasis on the cinematic theme, creating a visually interesting space.

The GSC Pavilion Cinema KL is now even more luxurious than ever! The operator wished to enhance the customer experience at the Pavilion, which now features brand new leather Ferco seats in all of its cinema screens.

Customers are able to upgrade to a Gold Class experience and enjoy personalized butler service, ergonomically-designed leather seats with a built-in USB port, and their own personal blanket to wrap up in.

Premium Verona Dual Motor seats with Auto Return were fitted in the Gold Class screens.

Ferco's latest double action diner table were chosen to complement the luxurious seating. The table can be used whilst the seats are fully reclined or can be stowed neatly over the armrest when not in use.

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