Located at Sunway City Iskandar, Johor, the Big Box Retail Park Mall features a large warehouse concept design in an open-air mall environment with unique stores and bistros, including a fun-tastic 8 movie screening hall and a Play+Hall by Golden Screen Cinema (GSC).

The Paragon 818 cinema seats were selected to accommodate up to 830 seats across 7 screening halls. The fixed seats are customized with cupholders on a fixed intermediate armrest, and backrest upholstered with thick foam in an ergonomic shape for long hours of seating comfort.

In Hall 6 & 7, 16 units of Milano in twin seating configuration is also fitted into the space, providing alternative seating options for couples. These seats feature a rocker backrest with retractable center armrest, so you and your partner can cradle blissfully while immersing in cinematic magic!  

The Play+Hall is a special concept hall designed by GSC to provide a little extra fun and luxury for family with younger children. Large family sofas that can fit up to 4 people are designed with double cupholders on each of its armrest, complete with storage boxes to place snacks and beverages conveniently. Come in thick backrest padding, the family sofas are equipped with soft, cushy pillows for that extra comfort and own seat base to place the feet and unwind. Designed especially for couples, the comfortable twin sofa also comes with complimentary custom-made pillows.

At the front row, you may find Aladdin models there as these seats are designed to provide the best sightlines on the screen from the lowest unobstructed point of focus. It is, no doubt an ergonomic lounger that is fully upholstered in thick foam paddings. Removable seat loungers were also installed at one end of the front row to allow easy access for those in wheelchairs.