Healthway Medical Group is a healthcare provider with a network of medical centres and clinics in Singapore. The Group began operations in 1990 with one mission - to provide accessible and quality medical services to its patients. Today, they own, manage and operate over 100 clinics and medical centres. These facilities are located across Singapore, as well as within major private hospitals. 

Healthway offers comprehensive services including GP & family medicine clinics, health screening, adult specialists, baby & child specialists, dental services and allied healthcare services.

This project is located at Healthway Screening, Downtown Gallery. At the screening centre, there are various facilities providing different types of health screening packages catered to detecting disease.  The new Centre is designed to evoke a sense of calmness from the moment a patient enters.

Ferco installed 25 luxury Premium Verona Zero Wall single seater for use by patients at the facility when they register via an iPad accessible from their seat.


The seats were customized with an integrated USB charging port, a goose neck lamp and an integrated swivel table. The seats have embroidered numbering and are upholstered in a leatherette fabric. 

The Verona's were enclosed in individual privacy booths to ensure patient confidentiality.

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