Hitra Kino Meseumplassan cinema is located at the Coastal Museum in the centre of the Fillan municipality in Hitra, Norway. After a year-long closure for renovations the doors have finally been opened to the public to reveal a new interior with impressive surround sound system upgrades and superior seating to boast.

The brand new screening hall can accommodate up to 73 patrons. Ferco Seating were selected to supply and install 8 single units of Premium Verona Zero Wall, 55 units of Premium Verona Lite Zero Wall in linked seating configurations, as well as 5 sets of twin couple seats.

The Premium Verona Lite Zero Wall in twin seating configuration, were placed on the back row of the hall as couple seats, with customized intermediate retractable armrest. 55 seats of similar model but in linked seat configuration, make up for the majority of the hall space. Additional features such as a built-in swivel table & cup holder, square light row seat numbering, wireless charger with USB charging ports, and a control panel for smooth reclining actions were added to the build of the Verona seats; Enhancing cinematic experience without compromising on comfort.

8 of Ferco’s Premium Verona Zero Wall in single seat configurations were chosen for the front row of the cinema and were customised with similar features to the Verona Lite Zero Wall models. An added feature was that a couple of movable seats with special built-in castor wheels were also added onto this seat row. This provides the cinema operator flexibility to make room for visitors who requires wheelchair access. The Premium Verona Zero Wall also comes with an additional built-in footrest sensor and finger guard feature for safety precautions.

For more information on customisable Premium Verona Seat range models, please do not hesitate to contact us at marketing@fercoseating.com