GSC is Malaysia's largest cinema exhibitor, which operates a total of 328 auditoriums in 35 locations across the country. GSC also operates 73 auditoriums at 12 locations in Vietnam.

The GSC Paradigm Mall theatre is GSC's only site in Johor. It is the largest regional mall in Johor located at the heart of the Skudai district.

The cinema has 16 screens, including THX, Dolby Atmos, MAXX, 4DX and Premiere Class features, and 2107 seats for movie-goers. It is the country's most modern multiplex with all theatres fully equipped with immersive laser projection.

The design is inspired by the digital revolution in cinema technologies and the visual arts.

With a rare opportunity to create a triple height foyer space, these design elements are superimposed against curved geometries to create dynamic spaces both horizontally and vertically.

The cinema is further enhanced by electronic displays and large movie visuals to enhance the cinema setting. The theme is carried into the cinema halls, where its effect is most effective in the dark.

Ferco were called upon once again to provide top of the range, state-of-the-art seating to compliment the latest addition to the GSC family.

The screens were fitted with either single Paragon 818 seats or twin Milano electric recliners.

Also provided were 31 twin Premium Lucca's and 30 MFX seats fitted with D-Box technology.