The Quayside Mall located in the neighbourhood of Kota Kemuning, is recognized as one of the newest and largest shopping mall development by Gamuda Land to date. As one of the major entertainment players in the local scene, MBO Cinema has launched their new outlet in this vicinity, accommodating a space of approximately 38,000 sq ft and boasting 8 screening halls, with 1,200 seats in total.

Stepping into the MBO Premier Hall, you’ll find the irresistible, comfortable recliners that will charm your mind and body into full relaxation mode. Dine-in comfortably on any Milano Zero Wall seat as it comes with built-in swivel table that can be easily maneuvered while watching the movie. There is an option of enjoying movie peacefully without any distraction on the Verona Zero Wall with Cocoon Privacy Panel. These are twin seats that offer little private spaces, perfect for friends or family. Where maximization of space is a challenge, both the Zero Wall models are the ideal solutions without negating the need for larger tread depths.

Just like its hall name, the MBO Big Screen is equipped with an exceptionally larger than life cinema screen that can accommodates 313 people for a single movie session! Combined with advanced cinema technology and superior sound system, this hall is furnished with customised Paragon 928 seats that has a wider and higher backrest size. The classic, cosy Cruz seats has a downward, rectangular back stitching and "u "curve side panels, crafted with center retractable armrests are available in twin seating configuration as well.

Targeting family with young children in mind, the MBO Kecil is a specially planned concept hall that features both fun and play where little ones can roam around freely. There’s a playground to complement the entire child friendly area along with bright, vibrant and plush Dory seats, made with super-soft foam for maximum comfort. Located at the back row are sets of custom-made twin sofa beds with Privata Privacy Panel. The sofa beds also has a built-in cup and popcorn holder, so patrons may free their hands, kick back and enjoy the full cinematic experience in the privacy of their own space and enjoy!