New for 2020, the MBO Tropicana Gardens offers audiences a different experience in each of its screening rooms.

Differentiating the offering is nothing new for many cinema operators however this has mainly focused on the technical element - sound and projection or appealing to a specific sub-sector of the market.

Latterly, the food and beverage provision and seating have become key components in delivering an amazing entertainment experience to a wide range of patrons in the same cinema location.

Recognising this, Ferco are constantly innovating our seating design to assist our clients in differentiating to their patrons. Ferco's broad choice of seating at MBO includes 17 twin Premium Verona electric recliners with privacy cocoons, 187 Milano premium seats, 20 twin sofa beds and 48 Dory children's seats amongst others.

WiFi and technology enabled seats mean in-seat ordering feeds directly into operator's POS, making personal service and payments seamless and integrated.

Our seats are highly customisable and designed for longevity and comfort - please contact us for details.