Muvi Tala Mall in Riyadh is the first boutique cinema to open in Saudi Arabia. As part of the Muvi brand cinema rollout across the country, this venue is located at Tala Mall, with four cinema screening rooms.

The interior project was completed by Chapman Taylor, who had previously been engaged to design and deliver a series of state-of-the-art cinemas for the Muvi brand.

The design of the cutting-edge Muvi cinemas has a theme of urban downtown. The internal spaces are characterized by an industrial, yet luxurious, material and colour palette. This includes timber as well as exposed brick, steel and concrete featuring heavily. The use of digital LED screens and dramatic lighting installations give a city warehouse feel and provide a unique experience for cinema-goers.

To further enhance the luxurious feel of this boutique cinema, Ferco Seating installed a total of 378 Tala cinema seats. The Tala seat is designed with comfort in mind; with a wide seat and backrest giving you ample space to curl up in coziness and relaxation. Optional cup holder, which was especially design to also contain a mug to hold hot beverages, as well as a swivel table may also be incorporated onto the seat panel, for that dine in experience.  Muvi Tala Mall Cinema offers a wide range of food and beverages, thus this additional features were much needed to enhance customer experience as well as increase sales at their concession stands. 

Much like the Muvi Tala Mall cinema, its namesake Tala seat is minimalistic yet modern in its design. The soft and sumptuous fabric upholstery can be tailored to match the aesthetics of each individual room. At this venue the designers took full advantage of this upholstery customization. Throughout the four screening rooms the Tala seat was upholstered in completely different fabrics; matching to each individual hall concepts and style.

Ferco Seating offer a full range of customizable cinema seats. When designing bespoke screening rooms it is imperative to have a cinema chair which can match the overall concept of the customer’s design. At Muvi Tala Mall, Ferco showed they have the products as well as the design and installation expertise to be able to complement even the most demanding of design briefs.

 (Photos courtesy of Chapman Taylor, UK)