Scott Cinemas own & operate seven independent cinema sites throughout the South-West of the UK. Highly praised for bringing the big screen experience to coastal towns, they operate independent cinemas where the buildings sometimes have unique histories of their very own.

The Scott Cinemas building in the port town of Exmouth was built in 1877 and it is believed motion pictures were originally shown here as early as 1910. This makes it one of the oldest cinemas in the UK. Having survived a bombing during World War Two the cinema was repurposed as an amusement arcade in 1979. Thankfully it was reopened as a cinema in 1987 and has remained in use ever since.

During their temporary closure in 2020, Scott Cinemas chose to refurbish one of their three screening rooms in Exmouth. Ferco was selected as the perfect match for their seating requirements - which included both VIP and standard cinema chairs.

Ferco's Paragon 755 is the most popular seat in the Paragon range and has been installed in cinemas across the world. Providing superior comfort and pleasing aesthetics, the 755 comes with a tip-up seat, silent tip-up mechanism and no finger traps. Far from being a 'standard' cinema seat, the Paragon 755 is everything that modern cinema-goers expect from their chair.

For their VIP offering, the Premium Opus was selected. Ferco's market leading Opus Rocker is exceptionally comfortable with a generously cushioned headrest and a soft foam backrest and seat. The Opus gives a nod to the essence of Scandinavian furniture design with its modern, eye-catching design making a statement whilst compromising nothing on quality and ergonomic seating position.

Since reopening its doors in May 2021 the Exmouth cinema has been well-used and the refurbished screen and seats have received very positive feedback. Director of Scott Cinemas, David Williams MBE clearly agrees with his customers saying “The premium seats at Exmouth Screen 2 are the most comfortable I have ever sat in”.

That's another successful installation completed and showcasing that whether it is luxurious VIP cinema seats, or more standard cinema seats Ferco Seating has a product which will delight customers and owners alike.