SF Bio is a major leading cinema company and is part of Bonnier AB. They have cinemas in 22 locations in Sweden and at 8 locations in Norway with a total of 38,000 seats in 294 salons.

SF Bio are in the process of upgrading their estate and were looking specifically for VIP chairs to reflect the excellence of their offer.With quality, comfort and aesthetics top of their "must have" list Ferco were quickly installed as the supplier of choice.

Their first thoughts were about having standard electric recliners with independent back and footrests but after seeing the Zero Wall they realised that they had to have this chair owing to the space and functionality benefits it brought.

They took full advantage of our unrivalled history in supplying electric recliners insomuch they hadn't considered USB chargers, storage shelves in the arm space or swivel tables.

The safety features of the chair were a large factor in their decision making process, the auto returning footrest with safety sensor means aisle clearways are retained once seats are vacated without any risk of patrons being injured.

Their facilities team can now easily maintain the required levels of cleanliness below the chairs, using the gas spring assisted lift feature of the chair.

Specifically designed for cinemas where capacity and comfort are of equal importance, the Verona Zero Wall is a luxurious, electrically operated reclining cinema seat.

The clever design enables the backrest to recline into the space created by moving the seat base forward simultaneously.

As there is no gap left behind the chair, the requirement for safety handrails is negated, resulting in less capital expenditure and a more pleasing aesthetic.

The Verona Zero Wall saves space and ensures that you maintain audience capacity. Whilst also delivering the luxuriousness and feature options of the Premium Verona model.

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