TGV cinemas are located in 35 multiplexes, with 282 screens and more than 49,000 seats all over Malaysia.

TGV's latest cinema is located in the Toppen Centre, Johor Bahru. The Toppen Centre is a million square foot shopping mall, the first in Johor Bahru to feature an Ikea store.

The complex boasts nine halls with a total seating capacity of 1443.

Patrons can choose from a number of different screen options and experiences.

The project required 140 Premium Milano with integrated Flexound Technology, the first of its kind in South East Asia. As an innovative cinema seat manufacturer, Ferco is proud to partner with FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ to integrate their luxury cinema seats with this technology, originally designed and engineered in Finland.

Exhibitors can choose to add value to these premium seating products as the FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ complements all current sound systems. It combines high quality surround sound with physical vibration, creating a unique, immersive cinema experience.

Seating is used to differentiate TGV's Deluxe, Prestige and Infinity screens as well as providing seating options for their Family Friendly Hall.

542 Milano Glide movie theatre seats and 260 Premium Verona Zero Wall Lite seats were installed in five screens at the complex.

The Milano Glide has an innovative internal mechanism that allows the seat to intuitively glide into a reclined position, without the need for motors and controls. Bespoke stitching, embroidery and fabric selections make this a highly customisable selection.

For theatres where space is a consideration, the Verona Zero Wall Lite is the perfect option. This seat offers all of the comfort, luxury aesthetic and options of the Verona range but has only a motorised backrest. Seats feature an integrated cup holder and a USB charging port.

Patrons can experience TGV's premium large format screen powered by Christie's RGB 4K laser projector delivering unparalleled visuals in their TGV Infinity hall. This screen has 39 sets of Verona Zero Wall Twin seats.

The ever popular Verona offers a range of seating positions for patrons where comfort is the most important consideration. These luxurious seats incorporate a swivel action table and an integrated cup holder.

Ferco work collaboratively with market-leading operators wishing to offer and exceptional standard of luxury and comfort throughout GA and VIP seating.

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