TGV Cinemas, Malaysia recently opened one of its largest and most advanced cinemas to offer moviegoers an enhanced viewing experience at the newly-developed Central i-City Mall in Shah Alam.

Spanning over 5,500 sq m, the nine-hall cinema boasts a capacity of over 1,600 seats and features an immersive sound system, state-of-the-art screening technology, improved luxury seating, an in-cinema retail zone, two spacious lounges and an event space.

TGV wanted their improved concept to redefine cinema as an entertainment and a social gathering destination, luring people away from their homes to the big screen and giving their patrons the experience of affordable luxury.

Among the newly-added features are high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection, mobile device charging stations and six fully-automatic self-service ticketing machines.

The Deluxe hall features a mixture of upgraded plush Milano rocking and Opus gliding seats, with personalised embroidery. With a seating capacity of over 300 Opus Glides, the stadium-like IMAX hall features a gigantic 22-meter screen that spans floor to ceiling.

Each of the auditoriums are furnished with Ferco's premium seats that offer generous legroom and a comfortable width. TGV also chose to install the luxurious and comfortable Premium Milano in the majority of their screens.

Designed with children in mind, the Family hall is adjoined to a Disney-themed playroom, with a large screen with scan-and-play technology from Australia that enables the children to project their drawings on the big screen.

Inside the auditorium, there is a mix of family loungers (for a couple and two children), deluxe Milano Zero Wall seats, colourful Dory children seats and Aladdin loungers situated just below the screen.